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Car Gods Clay Bar Kit - 500ml Morpheus


Car Gods Clay Bar Kit

Clay Bar Kit with Clay Bar and Lubricant for Car Paintwork

Morpheus Clay Bar Kit is a collection of essential products that once applied creates a safety barrier for your vehicles bodywork.

Claying is often overlooked by the average car owner, but to those who have discovered its effectiveness, claying is an essential part of every detailer's process.

The specially blended lubricant and Clay Bar materials within Morpheus, enable the user to remove inconspicuous surface contaminants whilst leaving your vehicles bodywork sensationally smooth and clean.

  • Kit contains both Clay Bar and Clay Bar Lubricant to be used in line with each other.
  • Light contaminants from the paintwork bind to clay bar, leaving a smooth surface and improving the feel and quality of the vehicle paintwork.
  • Perfect preparation for Compound, Wax and Polish.
  • Makes polishing stage more efficient and the results afterwards more refined, leaving a high-quality finish.