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Car Gods Carnauba Wax - 500ml Athena Diamond Carnauba Wax


Car Gods Diamond Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax for All Gloss Paintwork

One of the wisest of the Olympian Gods, Athena, is a polish built on wisdom. As Zeus’s favourite daughter, Athena offers a layer of protection that is an example to all the other Gods for durability & strength.

Athena is a long term beauty treatment designed for all types of gloss paintwork including metallic & pearlescent finishes.

Regular applications of Athena provides an easier, smoother removal of harmful surface contaminants whilst applying a resilient, protective shield to paintwork.

  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • High quality natural wax protects paintwork for months
  • Fine cleaning minerals remove stubborn stains such as soil, tar spots and light scratches in the vehicle paintwork
  • Hydrophobic formula for water beading and repelling dirt and water, aiding future maintenance
  • Contains carnauba wax to provide a gloss shine and a smooth finish