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Car Gods Tyre Dressing - 500ml Adonis Black Angel Tyre Glaze


Car Gods Black Angel Tyre Glaze

Car New Look Tyre Shine

Unite with Adonis the God of Beauty and Desire to create that ultimate showroom new look tyre. Adonis contains a special rubber lubricant to help combat the effects of crazing on tyre walls, revitalising the look of your tyre in one simple application.

Equipped with a super flow valve that allows the product to flow freely even in an upside-down position to give maximum application control. Can also be used to revitalise your vehicles trim.

  • Glazes tyre walls and reduces grazing, leaving an as new finish
  • Hydrophobic properties repel dirt and water from the surface of the tyre
  • Fast evaporating solvents help product cling to tyre wall, preventing fling off due to centrifugal force
  • Highly durable, one application lasts for months
  • Can also be used on black plastic bumpers and trim to restore the original colour