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Deum Perfectum

Car Gods 54 Logo Some time ago, a mythological legend was sparked that would transform the world of car detailing for eternity. This range, crafted by the Gods, comes into the arms of the public for the first time. The range was coined Car Gods 54, mirroring the quality of the products and the almighty beings that created them. The range includes over 40 of the finest hand-crafted products to cover all aspects of vehicle detailing, from pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration. Named after the Gods they reflect, this divine range of products is a collection for the virtuous, and those who believe in detailing immortality.
We know your car is your world. We know what it takes to restore and protect your world for eternity.
We know that this range will do just that.

Tempus Perfectum

 Tempus Perfectum Collection Car Gods 54 Tempus Perfectum range is an assembly of over 20 products to decontaminate, cleanse, purify, renovate and dress any vehicle. This range includes specialist detailing products such as Fall Out Eliminators, Snow Foam, Clay Bar, a pH neutral and acid free wheel cleaner and a wide range of interior cleaners, ideal for the weekend warrior or super-serious detailer.

Ultimum Perfectum

 Ultimum Perfectum Collection Car Gods 54 ‘PERFECTUM’ Range is a collection of specialised formulations designed to tackle unique situations within the detailing process. Introducing Car Gods 54’s parent products – CronusAtlas and Prometheus. Call upon the Titans to provide an extra level of expertise within your detailing operation this year.

Spectrum Perfectum

 Spectrum Perfectum Range Summon forth Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows to provide an easy way to clean, restore and wax your vehicle. Iris is a 3 in 1 treatment designed to restore lack lustre paintwork in one simple application. Iris’ advanced polymers, pigmented resins and wax technology provides a straightforward approach to removing surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches leaving a divine deep gloss shine that lasts.


 Merchandise The Gods have helped you to purify and enhance your car, so why not let them help you shine too. The Car Gods 54 merchandise selection includes items for a wide range of occasions, including Jackets and Umbrellas for the winter, and T-Shirts and Baseball caps for the summer. Carry your Car Gods 54 kit in our high quality Felt Duffle Bag, or accessorise your own items with our Leather or Metal Car Gods 54 keyrings. Whatever the instance, Car Gods 54 have the perfect gift for any detailer!