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Car Gods Luxury Detailing Gift Pack for Interior & Exterior


The Car Gods 54 custom detailing collection contains everything you need to achieve the ultimate finish, for the automotive perfectionist. Supplied in a smart, compartmentalised bag, this detailing kit would make a great gift for a motoring enthusiast.

Kit Contains 8 Car Gods 54 Ultimum Perfectum Products:

Fall Out Eliminator 

  • Mango Fragranced
  • Eliminates tough Iron Oxide Deposits
  • Detoxifies all exterior surfaces

Pure Shampoo

  • Creates a thick foam within the bucket
  • No surface modification
  • Hard water tolerant making it just as foamy in hard water

Diamond Carnauba Wax

  • Citrus scented formulation
  • Contains silicone and carnauba wax
  • Increases the amount of water beading on the bodywork

Speed Shine Detailer

  • Protects the vehicle paintwork with a hydrophobic layer
  • Very easy to apply
  • Can be applied to wheels too

Wheel Perfection Cleaner

  • Mango scented formulation
  • Cleans stubborn contaminants off wheels
  • Compatible for a wide range of wheels

Black Angel Tyre Serum

  • Adds a black hydrophobic layer to the tyre
  • Gelled and pigmented formulation
  • Long-lasting formulation

Interior Detailer

  • Apple scented fragrance
  • Suitable for use on glass, plastics, and painted surfaces
  • Does not leave streak marks

Glass Perfection

  • Creates a hydrophilic surface
  • Doesn't leave residue marks
  • Fast-drying formulation