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  • Ares Fall Out Eliminator

    Ironing Out Harmful Contaminants

    The Magic of Fallout Removers Often, the area of detailing that causes the most damage is from the contaminants you can't see. Iron deposits build up on all surfaces on your vehicle, originating from brake dust, airborne particles from a factory or simply deposits in dirt and debris. These deposits,...
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  • Thanatos Bug & Sap Remover

    The Bugging Part of Detailing

    The removal of pesky bugs, sap and bird lime is one of the most annoying aspects of detailing. Even if you don’t park directly beneath an oak tree, sap and other deposits always seem to find a way to splatter your car paintwork and windows. And front bumpers appear to...
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  • Car Gods 54 Van Wrap

    Coated in the Gods

    Behind the Scenes of the Car Gods 54 Van Wrap Behind every good brand is excellent marketing and branding. Car Gods 54 is no different, and the vehicles in use certainly look the part! Both the Car Gods 54 Exhibition and Simulator vans have been given a new lease of...
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  • Tar Spots on a car

    The Trouble with Removing Tar Spots and Marks

    Certain deposits left on vehicle paintwork need a highly specialist cleaner. Not even a product you may use for bugs, sap or fallout will remove these contaminants. One such example is tar spots. Tar is most commonly found on roads and at industrial sites where it is used for roofing...
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  • Nike Microfibre Drying Cloth

    Preparing for the Washing Stage & Using a Pre-Wash

    Before you rush to begin the washing stage, it is important that you remove all larger contaminants. These large contaminants not only get caught in your washmitt, but also dirty your rinse water, which may cause you to dirty your shampoo bucket, dragging deposits onto the paintwork again. Pre-washing will...
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